Buy No Evil - English

On Sunday, September 26th, the construction freeze currently in force in the settlements in the Occupied Territories is due to lapse. Despite the fact that the United Nations has declared that the settlements are illegal, Israeli continues to finance and maintain them. The Palestinians are the ones who pay the price of the settlements, in endless checkpoints, separate roads, and appropriation of farmland. The Israelis also pay a price – the huge budgets sent to the settlements and the minimization of the chance to end the dispute. Meanwhile, the settlements continue to grow and develop. In 2007 the settlements experienced twice the population growth of the general Israeli population, and the construction freeze only halted it for a short while. The settlements could not exist without the continued encouragement and support of Israel’s government. However, settlements do not live solely off government budges. Dozens of products are produced in settlements, from halva to bathroom cabinets, from gourmet wine to free-range eggs. This is the economy of the occupation, and consumer awareness can put a stop to it.

The Buy No Evil Android application, which was developed as part of the Open Source project, accepts detailed project lists and helps consumers decide if they want to support a particular project with their money, or choose another one. This application can be used to avoid buying animal-tested projects, to refuse products coming from settlements in the Occupied Territories, or to support green products. Since the construction freeze is about to end, the first list of products fed into the application is a list of settlement projects, based on the information collected by Gush Shalom. Purchasing a product means supporting the manufacturer, and while we are not calling for a consumer boycott, we believe that it is appropriate for people to know which manufacturers they are supporting.

The application is downloadable at no charge in the Android market, and anyone can add their own list of products to it.

This application is the second project by, which is the focal point for technological and other activist products. The first project was a Twitter-bot called Hamachbeson – the whitewasher – which points out whitewashed language used on twitter in lieu of less politically-correct but more descriptive words.

Time being short, we have not produced additional product lists. If you wish to make such a list, we will gladly include it on this site.