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You are at the Activism is Open Source projects page. Here you can find projects we are collaborating on, in three primary fields:

Technological activism – collaborating on open source, activism-related projects: applications for mobile devices, automatic data gathering tools, etc. If you can program and are willing to help, this is where you belong.

Buy No Evil - An Android app we designed in order to help consumers decide if they want to support particular project with their money.

Activist art – this is the place to talk about ideas for posters, comics, movies, infographic, and so forth. If you can draw, use Photoshop, write, and direct we’ll be grateful for every help we can get. There are lots of ideas out there, and too few people who are willing to implement them.

Encyclopedia – we are building an encyclopedia of activism, covering both online and offline activism. Do you know an interesting tool? Do you know how to organize a demonstration? Help us get the information out there.

Writing and research – this is the space for writers and researchers who want to contribute their talents.

Want to help? Send an email to itamarshaaltiel at the mail service on gmail.com and we’ll give you permissions.

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